Google Home*

Connect the Google Assistant to your smart
home and say hey to easier control

*Device sold separately


Touch surface for volume control and mute button to put Google Home’s microphones on standby.


Integrated high-excursion speaker delivers crystal-clear highs and rich bass for hi-fi sound.


Far-field microphones and industry-leading natural language processing.


The Google Home has the Google Assistant built in. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.


Optional base accessories include both fabric and metal with up to 6 different colors.

Connect and control from one place

No more wandering the house flipping switches and punching keypads before bed. Vivint Smart Hub bundles all your smart home controls in one place, giving you control of lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and security systems from one spot.

Voice controls for
your smart home

Keep your smart home comfortable, efficient and secure with simple voice commands. Adding Google Home to your Vivint Smart Home system creates an easier way to adjust smart home devices and get quick answers to questions. And since the Google Assistant recognizes different voices, responses are personalized just for you.

An easier way to tackle your day

Get personalized help managing your smart home, your daily task list, or your commute. The Google Assistant can set alarms, timers, and reminders and play news, podcasts, and radio stations as you go about your day. Or use Google Home to place hands-free calls to family, friends, and local stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Add the power of
Google to your home controls

The Google Assistant adds the power of Google Search, Maps, and more to your smart home. So you can ask Google for recipe conversions without putting down a measuring cup or adjust the temperature without leaving the kitchen. Even from across the room, when you say “Hey Google”, the far-field microphones hear you through the din.

Let the Google
Assistant help
entertain guests

Google Home isn’t just a great way to control your smart home; you can also use it to control your media. Hosting a dinner party? Ask Google to turn on a playlist and adjust the lights while you greet arriving guests. When it’s time to liven up the party, your Google Assistant works with Chromecast so you can start streaming movies and music on your TV or speakers with just your voice.

Google Home Mini*

Small and mighty

*Device sold separately


LED lights change to let you know it’s listening.


Far-field microphones for hands-free use from across the room, even when it’s noisy.


Google Home Mini has the Google Assistant built-in. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.


Rear switch to turn the mic off.


Side buttons for volume and playback controls.


Integrated full-range speaker with 360 sound for music and voice feedback.

Designed for any

With four hidden LED lights and a compact, clutter-free design, Google Home Mini puts smart home voice controls into any room while blending right in. Its touch surface resists everyday wear and tear, letting you discreetly adjust the volume, activate your Assistant, or control audio, timers, alarms and responses. So go ahead, make it your sous chef in the kitchen, your helper in the living room, or your tutor in the home office.

Lock up and lights out right from your bed

Compact and discreet, you can use Google Home Mini alone, or set up a few around the house to enjoy the power of Google everywhere. Since it integrates with Vivint Smart Home, you get voice control over every aspect of your smart home system. Welcome bedtime by setting the thermostat, locking the doors, and turning off the lights while you wind down—all with nothing but your voice.

installation by Smart Home Pros

A smart home should remove tasks from your to-do list. That’s why Vivint Smart Home service includes professional installation. When you sign up with Vivint, we’ll send out Smart Home Pros installers to get your system set up, working seamlessly, and integrated with your Google Assistant. You have enough to worry about; let us handle the technical stuff.

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