Global Entry & TSA Precheck

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Apply In Minutes. Beat The Line & Save Time At The Border!

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Global Entry & TSA Precheck

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EBC are Global Entry and International Precheck Specialists. We’re not the government, but we make the Global Entry process fast and easy.

We do the hard work for you! We take care of your TSA international Precheck. Our rapid customer support is second to none and all questions answered by email within 24 business hours.

Your Global Entry TSA Precheck application may be denied if it is submitted incorrectly.

If you prefer to apply for Global TSA Precheck without assistance, you can apply here.

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Can I Upgrade My TSA Precheck To Global Entry?

The TSA Precheck fast lane through security is part of TSA International Travel. When you apply for Global Entry TSA Precheck is included. This allows you Global Precheck privileges like using the fast track through security and passport control.

You cannot upgrade an existing TSA Precheck to Global Entry and there are no TSA International Precheck privileges as this is a U.S. domestic program only.

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How To Apply For TSA Precheck Global Entry?

If you are an international traveler, you can get free TSA Precheck with Global Entry membership so that you can beat the line on departure. Just register for the TSA Global Entry pass application to join.

If you are a U.S. domestic air traveler with no international travel, you can apply for TSA Precheck.

To be eligible for the Global Entry TSA Precheck program you need to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a valid passport (passport cards are not eligible).

It takes 6-8 weeks to reach the Conditional Approval stage where you must schedule a compulsory Global Entry interview at an enrollment center of your choice.

To apply for Global Entry TSA Precheck you need to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. You should be a low risk traveler with clean record with immigration, law enforcement and customs. Global Entry TSA Precheck membership is valid for 5 years.

Applying directly is complicated & time consuming. We do the hard work for you. We deal with government fees and requirements on your behalf. Our unique Global Entry TSA Precheck application form is fast and easy with no government jargon.

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