Vivint Element Thermostat

A smart wireless thermostat that blends comfort and savings


Enhanced by Sky

Built-in smart assistant that automates comfort and energy savings.


Mobile Control

Access climate controls from anywhere with the 4.5-star Vivint Smart Home app.


Echo + Element Thermostat

Just ask Alexa to adjust the temperature for hands-free control.


Custom Notifications

Get mobile notifications when Element self-adjusts.


Minimal Design

Designed to blend with your home interior.


Humidity Sensors

Tracks humidity levels to help optimize indoor air quality.


115mm h x 115mm w x 24mm d

10.1 oz

Battery powered (4AA) or 24VAC wired power from HVAC system

On-screen control

Temperature; Humidity, Proximity, Ambient light

Works with common heating & cooling systems, including conventional forced air, radiant, and heat pump. Up to 3 stages of heating. Up to 2 stages of cooling. Supports a wide range of fuels including natural gas, propane, electric, fuel oil, and geo-thermal. Built in fan timer.

Connectivity requirements

Limited warranty

thermostat with Vivint
Smart Home

Vivint Element Thermostat fits seamlessly into your Vivint Smart Home system. Wireless thermostat controls let you start the air conditioning on your way home, or keep your home office toasty during a blizzard—all from the same mobile app that controls your locks, cameras, and garage door.

Built-in Smart
Assistant keeps you comfortable while conserving energy

Keep your home temperature exactly where you want it with Smart Assistant. Using geolocation, in-home sensors, and information about your local climate and household, Smart Assistant auto-adjusts Element to your preferences when you’re home—and conserves energy when you’re not, even if you forget to adjust it.

Keep your hands free
with a wireless
thermostat with full
voice control

Google Home works hand-in-hand with Element, letting you adjust temperature settings with only your voice. Turn on the heater without interrupting your kids’ bedtime story, or cool down the kitchen during dinner prep—not to mention everything else the Google Home can do with your simple voice commands.

Balancing form and function.

When it comes to your home, we understand that looks matter. That’s why Element features a clean, tasteful design that blends in with your interior decor while providing the information you need. The easy-to-read display illuminates on approach to show you current and target temperatures at a glance.

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros

Smart Home Pros will integrate your Element wireless thermostat with your smart home system to ensure hassle-free performance.

Makes the
mundane magical

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