Carbon Monoxide Detector

Fast, accurate CO detection that syncs with Vivint Smart Home™


Electrochemical sensor for fast, accurate CO detection


Smart home integration for easy monitoring and support


Transmits wireless signal to Vivint SkyControl™ Panel


Battery powered for easy installation and repositioning


Monitors CO levels within a 35-foot radius


Sends alerts for tampering and low-battery condition


3.2″ h x 2.8″ w x 2.0″ d

345 MHz

Siren Level
85 dB

Screws and bracket

2 CR123A batteries

Battery Life
3-5 years

1 year or the length of your Vivint Service agreement, whichever is longer

Carbon monoxide
detectors are
essential to home

Without accurate carbon monoxide detection, a malfunctioning furnace, gas oven, or water heater can turn indoor air deadly toxic really quick. Vivint CO Detectors use electrochemical sensors to provide life-saving protection that’s monitored around the clock by our security team.

How your smart home reacts to CO leaks

If a carbon monoxide leak is ever detected, having a connected Vivint system helps clear the threat as quickly and safely as possible. Our CO detectors automatically unlock doors, disarm window sensors, and crank up your furnace fan to ventilate your home and start clearing dangerous CO levels.

Know about carbon monoxide at home
even if you’re not

No matter where you are, the Vivint Smart Home app shows you mobile alerts whenever your carbon monoxide detector goes off. We’ll send emergency services to check on your home, and make sure your family’s safe.

24/7 support from
Smart Home

The professional security monitoring that comes with Vivint Smart Home service gives you around-the-clock support emergency support. If you ever need to evacuate your home in a carbon monoxide emergency, Smart Home Monitoring Specialists will contact emergency responders for you while you take care of your family and pets.

Carbon monoxide detection that lasts
up to five years

With its five-year electrochemical sensor and backup battery, your Vivint CO Detector provides worry-free protection for years to come. And instead of annoying, middle-of-the-night beeps when the battery runs down, you’ll get alert notifications on your control panel and Vivint Smart Home app.

Professional installation done by Smart Home Pros™

Don’t worry about tackling installation on your own. Instead let Smart Home Pros install your system, sync your devices, and link your account in the Vivint Smart Home app. Since carbon monoxide detectors are essential to home security, they come with every single Vivint Smart Home system.

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